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Data Logger

Wind - Genie presents the new generation of intelligent controller for system operation, monitoring and human interface.
    The microprocessor based package combines the functions of:
  • Universal Data Logger
  • 16 Analog and 8 digital channels
  • LCD display with back light
  • Integrated 12 button Keyboard
  • 512 MB to 32 GB Data storage
  • Integrated C-Mos Battery
  • 70 hours power back up
  • self-powered by Solar Panels
  • RS232 Computer interface

All channels are individually programmable and allow a free choice of log- channel, log-time interval and instrument calibration.

Standard Sensors:

  • Anemometer
  • Wind direction vane
  • Temperature
  • Precipitation
  • Barometric pressure
  • Relative humidity
  • Irradiation

Recorded Data can be stored safely on the Flash Memory Card.
The card is easily retrieved with the push of a button and data transferred with the SD Card Reader to any standard PC or Laptop. All brands of SD cards are compatible and available in sizes of 512 MB - 32 GB.

Enough storage to record the data of all 24 channels every second for 10 years!

Also available are a variety of specialized sensors

  • Fluid pressureFluid velocity
  • Fluid temperature
  • Extreme temperature
  • Electrical Power
  • Electrical Current

The Wind-Genie Data Logger can monitor all relevant weather data and a variety of other data for industrial machinery metering and performance or specialized process monitoring,

Together with the current date and time each log point is stored on a Flash memory card. The card can be easily removed and data transferred to any standard PC or Laptop. Data can be edited and analyzed with any spread-sheet program such as Microsoft Excel or Lotus.

Other Features

Operational parameters and Programming of the Wind-Genie can be achieved through the built-in 12 key keypad or via the Serial Port connection with direct interface to a PC or Laptop.

Data and operational parameter display
All relevant information is displayed in the 4 line LCD Screen

Power Consumption of the controller is extremely low (100 mA). A battery pack of 4 "D"-size NH cells supplies independent power for up to 1 week and the batteries are automatically re-charged by an inbuilt charger through mains supply (110 or 220V) or Solar panel (6V, 10 W).

Real-time Clock
The onboard clock supplies accurate date and time and is self-powered by an independent Ni-Ion battery to ensure that no data is lost even during very long power outages.
Standard applications are:



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