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Wind Power in INDIA

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Legal Status

The Umbrella organization of Auroville Wind Systems is the Auroville Foundation. In September 1988, the Government of India passed the Auroville Foundation Act. The Auroville Foundation comes directly under the purview of the Indian Federal Ministry of Human Resource Development where Auroville is placed under the Department of Education (UNESCO Unit). The Secretary of the Auroville Foundation is an IAS officer appointed by the Government of India.

The various units under the Auroville Foundation such as Auroville Wind Systems, the Center for Scientific Research (CSR) AUREKA, AURELEC, ALTECS, Auroville Building Center (AVBC), etc. have over 20 years of experience with wind, solar, biomass and appropriate technologies (buildings, waste treatment, etc.).


Account Audit

All accounts of the Auroville Foundation are audited yearly by the CAG.



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Legal Status,
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