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Wind Power in INDIA

Small and Medium Size Wind Generators
& Wind Hybrid Systems




Tower options for the Genie 2000 and Genie 5000




The lattice tower (top left) is available in heights of 20 m and 26 meter.The sturdy pipe structure is galvanized and will withstand extreme wind speeds up to 180 km/h. The foot print is 5.2 m x 4.5 m. Foundations can be in RCC or brick.



The pole tower is the more cost efficient solution, but requires some more space. The machine is mounted on a single pole. The pole in turn is supported in 3 levels by guy wires (only one side of the supporting wires is shown in the drawing - top middle). The pole and the wires are spaced over a square of 18.00m x 18.00m.


The tilt-up option of the tower and wind generators is a very efficient solution in cases were no heavy lifting equipment for tower erection is available.
The tower is assembled horizontally and the wind turbine along with the blades is mounted. Then the fully assembled windmill is tilted up with a winch-pulley system over the two hinged tower legs. The winch is operated manually. Both the lattice tower and the pole tower are available with tilt-up option.






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