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Wind Diesel Systems

1.1 Technical Outline on Wind Diesel Technology

Wind-diesel is the generic term given to energy supply systems that combine diesel powered electrical generators, which provide prime power, and wind turbines, which operate when wind power is available to reduce the load on the diesels and displace diesel fuel. Auroville Wind Systems was the first company to introduce Wind-diesel systems in India. This Systems was installed on Sagar Island and at times of high wind the wind plant can provide as much as several times the total plant power capacity.

1.2 Wind Diesel Technology background

The term Wind Diesel Technology is widely used for a variety of systems. Of interest to the customer are finally the aspects of how much diesel fuel can be saved:

Table: different Energy Scenarios

Wind speed
Load sharing level - Fuel consumption
High Wind-speed up to 80% of the power demand is covered by the Wind Generators. The Diesel Generators are only running to stabilize the grid. Fuel consumption is very low.
Medium Wind-Speed Most of the power demand is covered by Wind Generators - Diesel Generator have low tp medium fuel consumption.
Low Wind-Speed All the power demand is covered by the Diesel Generators - Wind Generators are on stand by until wind picks up


B) The cost:

Initial investment for Wind-Diesel Systems is quite high in comparison to grid connected wind farms. The reasons are that smaller wind turbines come into use and that a control system has to be installed. However since in this case the power generated by the wind turbine(s) replaces diesel fuel, the conomical analysis shows that a return of investment (pay back) can usually be achieved during the first 4 to 5 years of operation. Given a life expectancy of 25-30 years the savings are considerable.

1.2.1 Technology available in India

Fully integrated Wind Diesel Technology was first demonstrated in India in 2002 at the Sagar Island Wind Diesel Project. The system was supplied and installed to WBREDA by Auroville Wind Systems(AWS). The project was jointly funded by MNES, ICEF and WBREDA.

At present, AWS is the only supplier in India who has successfully demonstrated Wind-Diesel technology in India.

1.2.3 Wind generators

Today, Wind Generators of large variety in type and brand are being manufactured in part, or wholly in India. The range is from 50 kW to above 1.2 MW. Characteristically the price per installed kW capacity decreases with size. Therefore a bigger machine would usually be preferred to a smaller sized machine. However in a Wind Diesel application in a remote site specific requirements have to be considered.

a) The diesel generator capacity to start the wind turbines - Asynchronous wind generators require a "stable grid" for start-up synchronization. Individual diesel -generator capacity has to be in the order of 2-3 times the rated output of each wind generator to enable seamless start up and synchronization.

b) Ability to adjust output-level to power-requirements - As the wind-power generation may at times exceed the load, power management in reasonably small increments should be possible. When the power output exceeds the demand one wind turbine is switched off.

c) Limitation of transport and roads in remote locations.

d) Limitation of erecting facilities available in remote locations

Addressing the above points we offer the AWS 15/55 Wind generator with a rated capacity of 55kW in our Wind-Diesel Projects. The machine has been optimized to interface with Diesel Generators.