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Sager Island Wind Diesel Project

Desiged capacity: 10 x AWS 15/50 Windgenerators, WDICS Control System, 2 x 180 kVA Diesel Generator

A Project of: West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency (WBREDA).

Funding: Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources,
Indian Canadian Environment Fund

Turn-key Contractor: Auroville Wind Systems

Sagar Island is a small Island in the Delta of the Ganges River in the Bay of Bengal. The Southernmost point of the Island is the Site for the Wind Diesel Power generation plant. Sagar Island is not electrified via the main land. Currently a capacity of 200 kW wind power and diesel generating capacity of 280 kW are installed. The plant is supplying electricity to the surrounding Villages.
The novelty of this project is the use of standard asynchronous wind generators with diesel generators. Under normal circumstances these generators require a utility grid in order to operate and in this configuration the grid will only allow a maximum of 20% - 30% wind power before becoming unstable.
In this project modified Diesel Generators achieve the frequency and load controll. Once the Wind generators are operational, the Diesel Generators are running at reduced load. This allows considerable fuel savings.
Primary use of the generated power is for lighting, domestic use, educational centres and power supply to small industries. Thus the plant contributes to improve the socio-economic conditions on the island.
All components of the plant were chosen for their size and light weight as there is no heavy lifting equipment available on the Island and the ferry servicing the Island has a limited carrying capacity. The Wind generators are AWS 15/55 asynchronous machines with 15 meter blade diameter. On windy days continuous power output of 62 kW was observed. Towers and wind generators were transported in parts to site. The horizontally assembled wind turbines and towers were tilted up over hinged tower legs with a manually operated winch.
The first phase of the project with 2 Wind-generators was completed in February 2002. The Chief Minister of West Bengal inaugurated the project in March 2002. In 2004 2 more machines were installed and currently further 3 machines are being added.

Typical System-Load sharing monitored between 1800-0000 hours on June 9th 2002.

Wind-turbine 1 and 2 are being unloaded at Site.

Wind-turbine and blades are being assembled on the horizontal tower.

Detail Hinged Tower-leg

Tilt-up procedure of fully assembled turbine.


Diesel Genset

Power Synchronization Unit

System Control and Monitoring, Main-frame computer: Shows real-time performance of all system components. Wind-turbines, Diesel Generators, status and Load.

Computer Training at Site

AWS is operating the Sagar Island Wind Diesel System since 2002