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Wind Power in INDIA

Small and Medium Size Wind Generators
& Wind Hybrid Systems

This schematic shows an example of a Wind Solar Hybrid System with total capacity of 6000 Watt.

The components are modular and sizes can be adjusted to individual requirement:

  • Wind Turbine 5000W
  • SPV 1000 Watt
  • Inverter 5,0 kVA
  • Battery Bank 18 kWh
  • As a further option a water pump.

With average wind speeds in the range of 5 m/s and sunshine hours as they are prevailing in most parts of India, this system will produce an average of 30-35
Units (kWh) per day or 11500 Units per year. This is enough power for an average house hold with refrigerator, fans, lights, TV, computer and other appliances.