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Wind Power in INDIA

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Our company - Auroville Wind Systems

Over the past years we have acquired extensive expertise in the field of power generation from renewable energy sources - in particular in developing and executing Wind-Hybrid Power Projects.
Our team in Auroville Wind Systems (AWS) designed, manufactured and supplied the first "Wind-Diesel Plant" in India.
Our services include wind power resource assessment, feasibility studies with wind-power-plant performance simulation, and micro sighting.
We manufacture and market our own Wind Generators (WGs) in the range of 1 - 50 kW.

Auroville Wind Systems is located in Auroville, the International Township on the South-East coast of India.

Our WG's are often installed in combination with solar power or diesel generators as Hybrid Power Systems. As sole means of power-supply these systems find application in communities in remote locations were the utility grid does not extend. AWS has installed these Hybrid Systems in many States in India such as Tamil Nadu, Gujarath, Sikkim, Laghak and West Bengal.
AWS is the first company in India to offer entirely indigenously manufactured wind battery chargers.
AWS designed, manufactured and supplied the first "Wind-Diesel Plant" in India. A 500 kW Wind farm on Sagar Island in the Ganges Delta in West Bengal. This project was funded by the Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources (MNES) and Indian Canadian Environment Fund (ICEF) to demonstrate the autonomous operation of asynchronous wind generators in an isolated grid -a technology developed in Canada. The diesel generators are used to start up ten 50 kW wind-generators. Once the power output of the wind-generators is stabilized, the diesel generators are switched off. AWS operates the 1st phase of the power plant since March 2002 and supplies power to 7 local villages. This is the first system of its kind in Asia.


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